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Flat Bottom and Vee Bottom Jons by Alweld come in a variety of different colors and cammo patterns. The Flat Bottom and Vee Bottom Jons comes in blue, silver, grey, black, od green, red, khaki, brown, white, and hunter green. Both boats also come in a mossy oak pattern and a universal camo pattern.

 A non skid interior is available. Other Alweld models include the Sportsman Bass, Angler Bass, Value Bass, Center and Side Console Bay, Escort, Panfish, Stick Steer, Jc Jet, and the Basic boat.

The Duck Hunter Jon Boat
Heavy Duty Knee Brace at the transom, Split seats so that your mud motor handle can go all the way down in the boat, Gatorhyde covering to keep you from slipping, Floors and Sides are foam filled to help with floatation, and this boat model includes a drop deck.

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